U.S. Ambassador to Sierra Leone, John Hoover, has announced a financial support of 4.4 million dollars for 2018 elections in the African country, a local media report said on Thursday. Hoover, who would soon complete his term in Sierra Leone, made the announcement during a news conference in Freetown on Wednesday. He said, “we are providing 4.4 million dollars in direct support for Sierra Leone’s 2018 elections.” The U.S. embassy said most of the support would be in the form of supporting voter sensitization, public order management, and other activities. Hoover’s successor, Maria Hill Briwa, explained that the support was part of U.S. commitment to democracy in the region. “This is part of our support for growing democracies in Africa,” Amb. Briwa said. The support came as a huge boost to the government of Sierra Leone, considering the shortage of fund for the National Electoral Commission.


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